Su BristowI studied at the School of Herbal Medicine for four years, and qualified in 1989, becoming a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (www.nimh.org.uk.)  The road to herbal medicine led from my early interest in organic gardening and healthy eating, through the study of social and physical anthropology at Cambridge, where I specialised in medical anthropology.  What fascinated me was how people deal with their health problems when they have only the natural resources around them, and their own ingenuity.  

I went on to learn massage and reflexology, and worked at a residential naturopathic clinic, where I learned about the use of diet and other natural ways of healing.  After qualifying as a herbalist, I set up practice in mid-Devon.  Since then I have continued to expand my expertise, with counselling skills, first aid, and knowledge of the Chinese and Ayurvedic systems of herbal medicine.

Besides one-to-one consultation, I have also taught evening classes, students of the Westcountry Massage Association, and various private courses.

I have written three books:

  • Falling in Love, Staying in Love Falling in Love, Staying
    in Love

    (Piatkus 1996) co-written with therapist Malcolm Stern, and re-issued as ‘Falling in Love, Staying in Love’ (2004), which is a guide to relationship skills
  • The Herb Handbook The Herbal Medicine Chest
    (D&S Books 2002) – a starter quide to herbal medicine, with a basic toolkit of around thirty herbs
  • The Herb Handbook The Herb Handbook
    (D&S Books 2004) – a more comprehensive guide to around 150 herbs.
I have made several television appearances over the years, most recently on BBC1 in ‘Countryfiles’ in 2008.

Su Bristow

25yrs Medical Herbalist Experience

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