First consultation: £54


For this you get:

  • A full hour, with in-depth consideration of your current health problems, past medical history, diet, lifestyle and any other issues that arise
  • Examinations such as pulse, blood pressure and so on if needed
  • Advice and recommendations about any changes that may be indicated, supplements that may help, or other forms of treatment
  • A first prescription that is tailor-made for your requirements.  Typically, this will be in tincture form, and will contain 5-6 herbs, which will change as time goes on.

I may also prescribe herb teas, creams, powders or essential oils as appropriate

Follow-up: £27


This will usually be half an hour. 

  • The first follow-up is usually two weeks after your first consultation. 
  • After that, they get further apart depending on how you are doing. 
  • It is often possible to keep in touch by phone, or simply to order repeat prescriptions.
  • Phone consultation (10-15 minutes):  £12
  • Repeat prescription fee: £6
  • Postage fee (excluding p&p): £5

The Herbs:


Prices are all inclusive of VAT.

  • Tinctures:
    £7 per 100ml (typical adult weekly dose)
  • Powders:
    £8 per 100g
  • Teas:
    £4 per 100g
  • Creams:
    £5 per 30g
  • Essential Oils:
    £10 per 10ml