Conversations with herbs

Time: Monday 16th June from 10am to 1pm.
Monday 14th July from 10am to 1pm.
Place: My house – 57, Thornton Hill, Exeter EX4 4NR.
How do you choose between one remedy and another? How can you really get to know the 'character' of a herb?
We will start off with a short introduction from Nigel Pinhorn, who runs Devon Nature Walks, and Su Bristow, a consultant herbalist, and then we will take a walk in the Hoopern Valley nearby, looking at herbs in their living context: where they choose to grow, and what other plants, birds, animals and insects may be associated with them.
During the walk we will each collect some plants, from which we will choose one herb with which to make an in-depth journey, through guided visualisation. Afterwards we will discuss our experiences, and explore what you can find out about the healing properties of plants through their appearance, habitats, taste and other characteristics.
Cost: £30 per person.
Numbers will be limited to 8 participants, so early booking is advisable. The nearest public car park is on Howell Road, about five minutes walk away. Please bring boots - it may be muddy! - and notebooks.

To book, please contact Nigel via email - - or tel 01392 211247.