Too much to do?

It’s a bit mad, this time of year. The usual things keep going, but there are all the trappings of Christmas to organise as well. No wonder we’re tired and emotional by the time we get there. It’s not a good recipe for peace and goodwill.
What herbs can you call upon? There are lovely calming teas like Limeflower and Elderflower, Chamomile and Lemon Balm, but you also need bracing and energising so that you can rise to the occasion. Liquorice is a good adrenal supporter, together with herbs that ‘feed’ your nervous system, like Scullcap, Gotu Kola or Vervain. Save the pushier ones, like the Ginsengs, for the wintry wastes of January and February; and if you look after yourself now, the energy sink after Christmas won’t be so bad. Add in some immune help from Echinacea or Calendula, and you’ll be well set up to enjoy yourself over Christmas instead of being exhausted.