Autumn is a restless time. Old problems resurface, and new challenges push themselves forward. You can experience the first frost as a call to action, a quickening of the blood, or you can shrink down inside and dread what winter will bring.
Good herbs for rising to the occasion are the ginsengs, Siberian and Korean, to take for a few weeks only. They’ll give you a solid boost that will help carry you through the winter, but don’t take too much or you could end up not sleeping. St.John’s Wort is a herb that helps you through transitions, whatever form they may take, and combined with the focussing power of Rosemary, it’s a good autumn ally. To that I would add Calendula, with its power for shining light into dark places – and dealing with seasonal bugs – and maybe Oat Straw or Vervain to sustain you. A good tonic for this time of year.