Changing times

We’re past the autumn equinox now, and into the time of storms, though so far it’s been a gentle change. Some people get depressed at this time of year, as the light fades and harvest is over, and others feel invigorated by the first frosts and the fresh winds.
If it’s hard for you to rise to the challenges of autumn, it may be that you need some support. You can’t always ‘go with the flow’ when your vital energy is depleted, and that can happen because of illness, or prolonged stress, or simply because you haven’t been getting enough nourishment out of life.
But there are things you can do about it. Have some fun, join a class, learn to dance or speak Italian or play bridge. There are herbs that can support you: Oat straw, Vervain, Liquorice, mushrooms like Ganoderma and adaptogens like the Ginsengs or Turnera or Ashwagandha. Combine them with herbs that boost your circulation, like Rosemary or Limeflowers, and take a risk. Do something new. It doesn’t matter where it leads. ‘To travel hopefully is better than to arrive’, and hope is what it’s all about.