This blog is in honour of my daughter, who is getting married tomorrow. I called her Rosemary, wanting that clarity and sense of direction that the herb can bring. Traditionally, of course, it is ‘rosemary for remembrance’, but it’s good for cognitive functioning in general. And so far, she has lived up to her name.
Rosemary is a warming herb, stimulating circulation, and not only to the head. It’s useful where there are menstrual problems like endometriosis, heavy bleeding, fibroids or painful periods, because it eases muscular tension and helps to resolve stagnation. And of course, its lovely aroma and underlying astringency make it a good companion for rich meats, especially lamb.
Last but not least, it is beautiful. The flowers are wonderfully complex – and very difficult to draw, as I’ve discovered – and the more you look, the more you see. Which is also true of my Rosie. Her husband-to-be is a lucky man, and I am very proud of her.