British weather

…And suddenly it’s warm again. Cold drinks, salads and ‘lighter’ foods all seem more attractive in fine weather. When it’s cold, dark and wet, we turn to stodge for comfort, and when the sun is shining it’s much easier to be healthy. But one of the hidden virtues of herbs is their ability to help you ride the roller-coaster of British weather, and keep your cool no matter what it throws at you.
In hot weather, cooling herbs like mint, wild lettuce and dandelion root can help. Conversely, ‘hearty’ food needs lots of aromatic herbs to warm it up and make it more digestible – and these same herbs also stimulate your circulation, so they warm you twice over. But these are just the tip of the iceberg where herbs are concerned. It’s normal to notice changes in the weather, in the amount of light, rain, wind and cold, and a hot drink on a winter’s day is a great comfort.
But if the changes really throw you off balance, if you get depressed or physically ill – aching joints, chest infections, chilblains, and so on – then your body needs some extra help. That’s where the adaptogenic herbs come in, the ones that boost your resilience at a deeper level. The ginsengs – used with caution – are the best known, but there are plenty of others, and what suits one person may not work so well for another. Don’t let it get you down; there’s always a herb that can help.