Autumn storms

The winds of change have arrived, moving us on towards autumn. It’s a time for catching colds, and not just because the new term is about to begin. It’s also a time when old problems can resurface; patients who are prone to chest infections, depression or sleep disorders are often more vulnerable as the seasons change.
It’s not just that the days are getting shorter and the weather is less settled. The body has its own economy, and a time of unrest is an opportunity for unfinished business to resurface. Just as an acute cold, if you treat it right, can be a chance to burn out a chronic sinusitis once and for all, so you can work with the turbulence of autumn and emerge stronger, ready to face the winter and enjoy its challenges.
The adaptogenic herbs are the key to this; herbs like Korean ginseng – particularly for men – Siberian ginseng, Withania somnifera and Turnera diffusa. Angelica sinensis and Asparagus racemosa are especially useful for women. And there are plenty of others; herbal allies that help build your resilience and allow you to embrace change instead of enduring it.