Skin troubles

Beauty is much more than skin deep, but you wouldn’t think so to look at the products, and the advice on skin care, that assail you these days. ‘You should cleanse, tone and moisturise every day’; ‘you should exfoliate once a week’; ‘you should start using anti-aging cream when you’re in your teens’, and so on. And yet, research into the beginnings of eczema in infants has shown that not bathing newborns straight away, and not bathing children with dry skin very much at all, gives them a much better chance of escaping problems in later life: sensitivities to external allergens, atopic eczema, and maybe some other skin conditions too.
Left to itself, our skin produces natural oils that help protect it from drying out, from allergens, from wind and cold, and from infections. Strip those away, and you make yourself vulnerable; and if you then coat your skin with artificial moisturiser or makeup, containing all kinds of chemicals, you are much more likely to develop bad reactions. With the exception of psoriasis, most skin conditions are made worse by this sort of treatment.
The state of your skin reflects what is going on in your system. Paying attention to what you eat and drink, how you sleep, how much time you spend outdoors and how much you exercise, will have a far more profound effect than a jar of face cream. It’s not a quick fix, though; but the good news is, it will fix not just your skin, but a lot of other things too.