Feeling tired?

‘What have you got for feeling tired?’ ‘I need more energy!’ At some point in the consultation, sometimes right at the beginning but more often as an afterthought, the patient will say something like this. Feeling tired can be a direct result of being unwell, of course, or of having to take medication, but more often it’s just something that people put up with, plodding through life wondering where the sparkle went.
Of course, there are herbs for lack of zing. They have been highly prized by hard-pressed humans since time began. Herbs like Korean Ginseng, which no longer grows wild in China due to over-use. People have savings plans so that they can afford to take Ginseng in their old age, because it ekes out their life force and helps to keep arthritis, heart failure and other ailments at bay. Herbs like Withania somnifera, which still grows like a weed in India, but now commands a high price in the energy-hungry West. Ginseng is too poky for younger people to take for more than six weeks or so at a time, but Withania is much gentler, holding your hand through thick and thin, and you can take it continuously for as long as you need.
And there are other herbs in every culture, less famous but often no less effective. We use them to give us a lift and to keep us going, sometimes appropriately and sometimes certainly not. There is always pressure, especially nowadays, to do and to achieve just a little bit more. The wisdom to know when you are pushing yourself too hard is something the herbs can’t supply.