Giving up smoking

A patient asked for help with giving up smoking this week. She’s using hypnotherapy as well, which is a useful combination. The herbs can help to stimulate lung function and get rid of whatever needs to be thrown out of your airways, and they can help support you through the withdrawal symptoms, the anxiety that you would have answered with nicotine, and the sugar craving that so often leads to putting on weight.
If I had to make up a formula for giving up smoking, it would definitely include Angelica and Liquorice to aid lung recovery. Liquorice also helps with stress, together with Vervain and maybe Passion Flower. Vervain would help to keep blood sugar on an even keel as well. The fine-tuning would depend on the individual patient, of course, and I don’t have a magic herb for willpower. That’s where the hypnotherapy comes in, and whatever other strategies you can muster. Nicotine is a true addiction, and the physical withdrawal is real.
The good news is that lung function begins to improve almost at once, and life expectancy – statistically, of course – comes up very quickly too. Unless there are irreversible changes, like bronchiectasis or emphysema, your body can recover completely. So why put it off? But that’s another story…