Travelling with herbs

‘Can I take some herbs with me when I go abroad?’ Usually the answer is ‘Yes’, though it’s probably wise not to pack dried or powdered herbs unless you want to spend a long time explaining to customs. Liquid medicine over 100ml has to travel in your hold baggage, but otherwise, I have never come across any problems with taking tinctures to other countries.
A useful all-purpose travel remedy would contain some immune help, such as Echinacea, with one or more of the Artemisias. These help repel all sorts of internal infections and parasites, and they even change the taste of your sweat, making you less attractive to mosquitos and other biting insects – though you may still get bitten before they realise how you taste! Artemisia annua, in particular, is very effective against several strains of malaria.
The remedy could also contain a strong astringent, like Potentilla tormentosa, to protect your gut if you do get a gastric infection, and one or more of the aromatics to help your digestion cope with unfamiliar food. Lastly, an adaptogen like Withania will help you deal with the stresses of travelling and being in strange places. And if you’re absolutely fine and don’t need the herbs, you can always give them away to your fellow-travellers.


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