Fresh air and exercise

Not an appealing title? We’d all rather have a quick fix – or not have the problem in the first place – but the truth is, if you move around a bit and breathe more deeply, the fix is likely to be quicker than if you don’t. Anything that speeds up your circulation will also speed up the work of your immune system, the healing of wounds, and will help clear congestion from your chest and sinuses.
Obviously, if you are running a fever or in intense pain, you’re not going to set off for a bracing walk, but outside the acute phase of illness or inflammation, exercise will help. Sometimes – with rheumatic pain, for example – it is essential to keep moving, to keep the joints mobile. You can use herbs like yarrow and limeflowers, or even coffee if you must, to stimulate the circulation, but without movement the job is only half done. It’s one of those mind-over-matter situations; you might not feel like it beforehand, but you won’t regret it afterwards.

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