Spring is a time when old ailments tend to resurface. Now and in autumn, things are in transition, and our equilibrium is more easily upset. Immunity can dip, so we are more at risk of colds, flu and other infections. If you have a pattern of getting bronchitis in springtime, for example, you can take steps to deal with it. Start taking immune-boosting herbs like garlic, onions and Echinacea a few weeks before you are likely to get ill. You may avert it altogether, or at least help to make the illness milder and shorter. Because herbs help to activate the body’s natural processes, you will have a ‘better’ illness. You should emerge feeling better than you did before you got ill – and, with luck, you can even resolve the old pattern, so that next spring is trouble-free.

The same is true for ailments of the emotions and the spirit. Old traumas make themselves felt again as their anniversary comes around. Sometimes you won’t know why you’re feeling out of sorts, but if there’s no obvious reason in your everyday life, think back. Patients often say things like ‘…and then I remembered it was this time of year when my mother died,’ or ‘the accident happened,’ or whatever it may be. These old wounds can be cared for, too. Again, you can use herbs to support your nervous system, starting a little before you begin to dip. Simple things like oat straw, vervain or limeflowers can help, and you may need to look after yourself a little more carefully for a time. Old patterns are always seeking resolution. Bring them into consciousness, honour them and give them proper attention, and sometimes you can lay them to rest once and for all.


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