Thinking of doing a post-Christmas detox?

Thinking of doing a post-Christmas detox?  My advice is simple: don’t.  January and February are usually the deepest, dreariest part of winter, when it’s cold and damp and there’s not much sunlight.  Our natural instinct is to put on some insulating fat, not take it off.  I’m not saying we should stuff ourselves, either, just that we need solid, nourishing food at this time of year.  The root vegetables are at their height now: eat lots of carrots, swede, parsnips and so on, in soups and stews and casseroles with good quality meat, beans and warming herbs and spices.  It won’t make you fat, but it will answer the body’s need for ballast.

The time for a detox is in spring, in April or so, when the sap is rising and change is in the air.  Fresh green vegetables are beginning to come into season, the days are longer, and it feels much more natural to eat salads and do fasts. It’s easy to get out of step with the seasons these days, but our bodies are not fooled by out-of-season foods all year round.  Like deciduous trees and migrant birds, we respond to light.  So work with the cycle of the year, not against it.


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