Herbs can be Safe, Nourishing and Supportive

"A whole plant is more than the sum of its parts.  We can look at each of its active constituents and work out what they do, but if you take it to pieces, something vital is lost."

Su Bristow

25yrs Medical Herbalist Experience

Welcome. In experienced hands, herbal medicine is safe, nourishing and supportive, restoring health rather than merely suppressing symptoms.  Herbs are versatile and flexible; there is always something that can be done.

LavenderSide-effects are rare, especially if you take herbs under professional guidance.  Even if you are taking prescription drugs, herbs can help to improve your background vitality and minimise the unwanted effects of medication.  For instance, you can avoid the digestive upsets that often come with antibiotics, or the gastric inflammation that can be a consequence of drugs like aspirin.

The vast majority of modern drugs are still derived from plants, so nowadays we use ‘herbal medicine’ to mean the use of whole plants, prepared in various ways. It can also include partial extracts, like oils.

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